Hire A Sports Car To Enjoy The Best Hidden Gems In London

London is a cultural, heritage city in Europe that attracts thousands of travellers. It is full of amazing surprises for international and domestic tourists. You cannot admire the city enough because it never disappoints your expectations. Some places in London are known to all, like The London Eye, Big Ben, Madame Tussaud Museum.

But with a sports car rental, you can now get the opportunity to drive to some places that you might not know of. You will be full of a shock to know about these places because of the uniqueness it offers to the city. Fasten your seat belts because you are in for a memorable ride.

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Know The Hidden Gems Of London:

There is a list of places that you must visit. Some are perfect for visiting at night, while others have a schedule to stick to. From food to sightseeing, London has it all.

Little Venice in London

Did you imagine finding a little Venice in the heart of London? You can easily drive to Warwick Avenue, and within a few minutes, you will reach Rembrandt Gardens. There are many available parking spots nearby. So parking will not be a constraint. Enjoy the beautiful waterways with overarching or lined trees.

There are colourful boats that offer you rides on the waterways. Many of them have cafes and tearooms, and there are many cafes on the side of the canals. You can avail yourself of an afternoon tea or a hearty brunch. It is perfect for couples and families for enjoying the peace of nature.

There are towpaths that you can walk through after a wonderful drive, and it takes you to one side of London Zoo. It is a wonderful, exciting feeling for children, as they can see some animals from afar. The place offers you food, a water ride, and also beautiful walking spaces.

Therefore, it is a must-visit for all tourists.

Saint Dustan in the East

London is incomplete without visiting the cathedrals. However, a drive to this wonderful, old cathedral can be an enriching experience. Away from the hustle of this busy city, Saint Dustan can offer you the calm of mind that you are looking for. It was built during the 11th and 12th centuries.

This medieval church required many reconstructions. However, after World War 2, the Anglican Church did not grant further permission. The church is aesthetically pleasing, and the architecture is admirable. The sprawling gardens are like a green blanket that wraps us lovingly. It is a quick drive, with luxury car rental services from Tower Bridge and a beautiful location for you and your loved ones to visit.

Private Cabin Dinner Experience

It is a unique experience to dine at a caboose, which means the train’s last carriage. This carriage is a restoration work that offers you a private dining experience in London. The restaurant has a set menu, and you need to book the space in advance. It is wonderful for a large family or friends because you can book for 8 or 11 people.

It is in Brick Lane where it is easy to get to from Central London. Join wonderful dining and reconnect with your friends, families over fond memories. The food is suitable for the unusual experience of dining in a carriage. The menu contains slow-cooked meats, pork delicacies, and more. You can also get the cook to prepare the meal in front of you for any special occasion.

The Observatory Dining Room

The Observatory Dining room is a fine dining experience in a restaurant that is visually appealing. The style is a blend of the Victorian and Colonial era, with spotted lights and old gramophones. The food is mostly seasonal, with a few familiar favourites like Yorkshire Chicken, Pork steaks, Rib-eye steaks. The added sauce, jus is very popular and extremely delicious.

Rent luxury cars to complete this extravagant dining experience.

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The Painted Hall

The hand-painted hall in the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich is a hidden beauty. The place is gorgeous and will take your breath away. It has undergone successful restoration as it was originally built in the 10th century. The painting was by Sir James Thornhill and is reminiscent of the famous English Baroque style painting.

The dining hall is around 3500 square meters and is a brilliant masterpiece. It reflects the rich culture and heritage of Britain. Moreover, the Old Royal Naval College is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is, therefore, a must-visit. It is a wonderful inspiration for all art lovers and will stun anyone who visits the place.

The Waterloo Vaults

From the 10th century paintings, you can come back to the present—day graffiti art. The vaults in the Waterloo tunnels are a unique, quirky place. The place hosts regular concerts, events, and performances. The entire tunnel is full of doodles, spray paint, graffiti, and much more.

It is in Leake Street and is a vibrant, colourful place that tourists must visit. Despite being underground tunnels, they are neither dark nor dingy. The vaults are safe, and the crowd is warm and welcoming. Artists repaint the walls frequently, and therefore, the visuals keep on changing. The best part is that it is open to the public for a visit at all times.

Some Safety Tips for Tourists

For a safe and comfortable experience, always carry your mobile phones, wallets, and cards. Take a tour guide along with you to know more about the places that you visit. Sports car hire is a great choice for tourists who want to travel in style. Do remember to be careful and alert at all times and seek help if necessary.

To Sum It Up

London has many famous and hidden stops in terms of sightseeing and food. It is a city full of amazing surprises, and you cannot get enough of it. Rent luxury cars for the perfect, royal, and comfortable outing. Away from work and stress, London offers you a journey that is both physical and mental.