Discover The Best Places To Visit With Luxury Car Rental In London

London is the home to the royal family of England and a perfect holiday destination. If you are visiting Europe, then you must see London. Speaking of this place reminds you of the children’s rhyme about the London Bridge. It is a heritage place and is reminiscent of colonial times. They say that the sun would never set on the empire.

When it comes to exploring tourist attractions in London, names such as Westminster Abbey, The London Eye or Madame Tussauds become the most obvious choices. But for an out-of-the-box experience, ditch the clichéd landmarks and set off on a memorable experience visiting some of the finest places on a luxury car.

With a luxury car rental London, you can make your trip worthwhile. Enjoy the ease and smoothness of the perfect drive while you visit some of the city’s best spots. Here is a bucket list for you to keep in mind when you visit for the first time:

luxury car hire for Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

The stupendous Windsor Castle is home to royalty, exhibiting rich history that dates back to more than 1,000 years. Located in Windsor, Berkshire, it is the largest and oldest castle in the world – and a marvellous architectural gem of its own. The castle is spread over 26 acres of land, presenting vivid views of the royal palace, the picturesque Great Windsor Park and a chapel. The castle is open to visitors throughout the year and also conducts various exhibitions that give a valuable insight into the exotic history and cultural heritage of the castle.

Windsor Castle is situated approximately 22 miles from London, and well-connected via roadways. Set off on your dream car and hit the M4 Motorway, enjoying the surrounding scenic beauty as you drive. Parking facilities in Windsor are also excellent and located within 5-10 minute walk from the castle.

Primrose Hill

The pulsating city of London is dotted with innumerable tourist attractions that attract visitors from across the world. But a short drive from London will take you at the top of Primrose Hill where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the London skyline. You can take a quick drive from London Heathrow to reach Primrose Hill and park your car on King Henrys Road. It is located half a mile from Primrose Hill and then you can climb the hill at your comfort to reach the viewpoint.

When you reach atop Primrose Hill, you can enjoy picturesque views from 6 different viewpoints. On a bright sunny day, the viewpoint gives you unobscured sightings of iconic landmarks and attractions such as The Shard, The London Eye or The BT Tower. So, rent luxury cars today and take a memorable ride to Primrose Hill.


The name ‘Oxford’ instantly sparks the thought of world-famous university. But Oxfordshire is much more than it! It is the haven of quaint villages and towns, impressive historical sites, exuberant events year-round and salubrious weather. And the most exciting part of it is that Oxfordshire is a popular shopping village.

And trust us! One of the best ways to explore beautiful Oxfordshire is on a luxury car. So, hire one right away and escape on a ride to this picturesque British county. There are various places where you can check out the amazing country castles and houses, including Batsford, Bletchley Park and Cogges Manor. However, a visit to the local markets is a must on your drive to Oxfordshire.

luxury car hire for oxfordshire

The tranquil towns and villages here hold local markets, where you can have a vivacious display of organic produce, clothes, gifts and more. And do not forget to pack those delicious snacks before you hit the road again.

Bicester Village

For a memorable luxury car experience in London, visiting the famous Bicester Village is a must. This charming and mind-boggling shopping centre is located just an hour’s drive from London and 10 minutes from Oxfordshire. They also have ample free parking facilities. So, you never have to worry about your car while you indulge in an open-air shopping experience like never before.

Shop till you drop and when you get tired, take a lazy hillside walk, discover captivating honey-stoned villages or relish upon lip-smacking local delicacies. Nothing can beat the experience of driving an exotic car and shopping the luxury goods at Bicester Village!


A trip to London is incomplete without visiting the famous Stonehenge. This famous tourist attraction is situated 90 miles from London – a driving distance of under 2 hours. Book a luxury car and drive down the M3 to visit this 5,000-year-old stone circle marvel. It is older than the Great Pyramids; a mystery to all regarding the sheer existence of this Wiltshire stone monument.

Grab a quick lunch at The Stonehenge Inn, known for its pizza kitchen and pub grub. On your way back to London, you can visit the Army Flying Museum where you can gain knowledge of the journey of British soldiers.

White Cliffs of Dover and Leeds Castle

Another quick escape from London on a luxury car is the White Cliffs of Dover (45 minutes) and Leeds Castle (1 hour). This two-stop trip from London starts with Leeds Castle, beautifully positioned amid a lake that is surrounded by parklands and forests. You can also take a stroll through the exquisite Lady Baillie Gardens before you drive to the iconic White Cliffs of Dover. This landmark is a symbol of freedom, hope and home – standing proudly at 350 feet. There are several good places you can enjoy a hearty meal. Parking facilities are also available in both places.

To Sum It Up

London is a heritage city, and to feel like royalty, choose luxury car rental services. Travel like kings and queens and explore every corner of this wonderful city. Also, visit Warner Brother’s studio, The Hogwarts’s Platform, Baker Street, and other popular places.

Remember to capture each moment and savour the precious time with your family and friends.