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Loyalty Points Terms & Condition

1. Purpose of T&Cs.

These terms and conditions explain how you can earn points using our loyalty system and how to use your points to claim rewards. By registering and participating in our loyalty program, you agree to accept all terms and conditions, including any subsequent updates.

2. Points explained.

Points do not have any monetary value, except to the extent specifically provided for by a reward. Points are not property and cannot be redeemed as cash whatsoever.  

Points will be awarded for each eligible reservation.  Points are earned for Vehicle Rental value only. All other charges do not qualify for points.  Users must be signed up to our program to begin earning points.

Points are allocated after the rental is closed.

Points cannot be backdated nor transferred from other user accounts—even that of the same user name.

Points are earned for each whole £1.00 spent on the value of each eligible transaction. Simply put, for every GBP spent on eligible purposes, you will gain one loyalty point.

  • - You require a minimum of 1,000 points before you can redeem/use them. 

  • - Points can only be used in 1,000 increments at a time. 

  • - Under no circumstances can points be sold.      

  • - We can withdraw or change the loyalty program at any time without prior notice. 

3. Bonus Points.

During promotional periods, the number of points earned per GBP spent may increase, and such promotions will be clearly defined campaigns with specified start and end dates. In the event of no end date being specified, we reserve the right to end promotional period increased point earning at our own discretion.

4. Displaying Points.

Your point balance will be displayed within your account. This balance will include:

  • - Total Points Earned  (this include points pending) 

  • - Points Redeemed 

  • - Points Available 

  • - Points Pending for future reservation 

5. Things That Can Reduce Your Balance.

Your point balance may be debited if:

  • - a refund or reimbursement for a transaction previously made is issued to you;

  • - there have been unauthorised transactions from your account for which you are not liable; 

  • - points were incorrectly allocated to your points balance; or 

  • - we reasonably suspect you have behaved fraudulently in connection to your loyalty account and are    not entitled to points earned.

6. Loyalty Program Termination.

We may terminate our loyalty program at any time acting reasonably. Where possible, we will give you at least 60 days’ notice of the termination and cancellation of your loyalty account (if applicable).

Any notice we give will include the general reasons for termination (if possible), and the time period available to you to use points in your points balance to claim rewards. We will define the time limit remaining before final expiration of all points.

Examples of when we may terminate include, but are not limited to:

  • - where you are in default under these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of another facility that the customer has with us;

  • - where your account has an outstanding amount you cannot redeem your points 

These examples are for guidance only and do not limit our ability to cancel the account.

7. Changes to Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions when required.  Whilst these changes may come without prior notice, we will notify users of any major updates to ensure full transparency.