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The Mercedes Benz E-Class

Take Me For A SPin

Mercedes Benz E-Class side view
Mercedes benz E-Class right side view
Mercedes benz E-Class left front side view
Mercedes benz E-Class right front side view
Mercedes benz E-Class right back side view
Mercedes Benz E-Class
Mercedes Benz E-Class back
Mercedes Benz E-Class trunk
Mercedes Benz E-Class trunk
Mercedes Benz E front seats
Mercedes Benz E front seats
Mercedes benz E-Class steering focus view
Mercedes Benz E Steering Wheel
Mercedes benz E-Class seat adjustment button
Mercedes benz E-Class power windows view
Mercedes benz E-Class back seats view
Mercedes benz E-Class back seats view 2
Mercedes benz E-Class centeral console view
Mercedes Benz E-Class front






66 lt



0-60 MPH

Mercedes Benz E-Class – E220 CDI Saloon

Mid to large Executive – Practical and Prestigious – Advanced Technology

German manufacturers have always excelled in creating mid to large luxuriously appointed executive saloons and the Mercedes Benz E-range has been this sectors car of choice for decades. Today's fifth-generation car does everything expected of a premium level, fuss-free, executive transporter. Much of what Mercedes learn from developing their range-topping S-Class cascades downwards to be included in the E-Class package, and whether driving or being driven the overall package of style, quality of finish and driving excellence, in every way lives up to expectations.

With space enough for five adults and a large enough boot to take their luggage, wrapped in a body that also successfully takes its lead from stunning S-Class, the car is deservedly more popular than ever. It is perfect for long motorway journeys and for around town, making all trips a delight with technical advanced driving and safety aids and easy to use interactive and intuitive driver support systems, the E-Class certainly excels in all areas.

The word luxury is often over-used in the automotive industry, however Mercedes have no doubts about what the word represents, you only have to sit in the E-Class to feel very special indeed, being first greeted with a great aroma of top-grade leathers and then, relaxing into the welcoming and comfortable seats, you will delight with the surrounding design curves and flowing lines, all accentuated by the use of a perfect combination of harmonised materials. And at night with a wide choice of ambient lighting, it looks extraordinary indeed.

As a driver or as a passenger the E-Class makes for the perfect choice and The Dream Collection can make renting the car an effortless experience. And, at a very competitive rate!

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Features and Specifications

The Mercedes E-Class has Dual Climate Control, Voice Command, Built-In Satellite Navigation with front and rear park sensors combined with a reverse camera.

  • Engine: 2.0 L 4 Cylinder, Turbodiesel engine
  • Power: 194 bhp
  • Torque: 500 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 135 mph
  • 0 – 62 mph : 6.6 sec
  • Fuel: Diesel

Facts about Mercedes Benz

The E-Class name first arrived in 1993, almost twenty-five years later the E-Class is comfortably the class leader.

There is a sculptor of Mercedes-Benz 240 Diesel in an American Cemetery. The monument was made to remember the demise of a young Mercedes enthusiast.