Which Luxury Car is Better to Hire: Audi, Ferrari or Aston Martin?

Looks that could kill! The engine roars as you auto-start the beast. Speed like a cheetah. Acceleration smooth as silk. Luxury, which is like being in a royal palace. That’s what driving an exotic car is like. Adding to the delight, you do not need to break the bank to buy a new luxury car to experience this thrill. With luxury car rental, you can enjoy driving a premium car but at an affordable price as compared to owning a new car.

Aston Martin hire

When you consider renting a prestige car, you’ll be spoilt for choices. Top-notch luxury car hire companies have an extensive fleet of vehicles, from every make and model. At times, it can be overwhelming choosing the right one for you. And the most widely compared cars are Audi, Ferrari and Aston Martin. These are popular choices in the prestige car category and deciding among these three can be intimidating.

However, these cars have unique personalities and features, and cannot be compared directly.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is an iconic British auto brand that has revolutionised luxury motoring for over a century. Aston Martin is typified by the James Bond fame and it is likely for you to imagine experiencing all the fun and thrill driving this car. However, it is a gentleman’s sports car in its true sense, with luxurious interiors, conservative styling and good performance.

If you are looking for a luxury car that will set the heart racing with its awesome look, then Aston Martin hire is your best choice. Both classic and contemporary models from this auto brand feature striking lines and awe-inspiring curves, with exemplary interior finishes, refinement and smooth handling. Rent this car if you want to make a mind-beguiling statement on a grand occasion because it oozes an iconic status symbol that many other luxury cars cannot match.

Audi car hire

So, if your vision of a luxury car is gorgeous looks and good performance, then Aston Martin is for you. It never tends to lose its appeal though the performance isn’t quite at par with Ferrari. But you’d be happy to know that some of the world’s top celebrities own an Aston Martin, including NBA superstar Michael Jordan, Guns N Roses guitarist Slash, actor Chris Tucker and the Catwoman actress Halle Berry.


Audi is acclaimed for its cutting-edge technology and innovative design that gives it a huge fan base across the world. If you want something fashionable, it is the Audi. Long lines, elegant curves and sleek look – it is definitely built to impress. The auto brand is notable for its excellent selection of executive sedans, making it more popular among business professionals and professionals.

As a matter of fact, most Audi drivers across the world are likely to be male, aged between 25-39. The car’s personality traits match with one who is more sophisticated and traditionalist, though style and great looks click with them instantly. Given Audi’s reputation for ground-breaking technology and excellence, an Audi connoisseur will be more interested in motoring and cars.

So, is Audi car hire right for you? This will depend on your purpose of hiring and what you are expecting from the rental experience. If you want a luxury car that isn’t just gorgeous but also reliable and ensures a hassle-free on-road experience, then Audi is one of the best choices. For over a century, the German automaker has had a good reputation for dependability and precision engineering.

Audi comes with cutting-edge features, reliable design and safety devices that ensure improved driveability even when you are speeding. No wonder, why it had dominated the racetrack for a decade. Audi also cuts an edge with its excellent customer service & satisfaction, not to forget its competitive price range. The auto brand caters to all types of customers, from budget to premium.

So, even if you are tight on budget, you can expect to have the best model for Audi car hire.


Ferrari is an iconic automobile brand and one of the most preferred choices for luxury car rental today – a top reason being its exemplary racing history. They launch a new model quite often and each one seems better than the other. Ferrari is a car that combines sound engineering with excellent performance and styling. But the most interesting feature is its 4×4 wheel drive which is unlike any other supercar brand out there.

rent a Ferrari

If you love racing, rent a Ferrari for the most exhilarating experience. It offers the ultimate on-road sports car satisfaction, powered by precise engineering and smooth acceleration. So, when you drive a Ferrari, you will feel like gushing through the wind, making heads in turn.

A Ferrari also impresses with its breathtaking looks, luxurious interiors and ultimate drivability. Be it a prestigious corporate event, a special occasion like a grand wedding or even a fun-filled holiday, a Ferrari rental delivers the best experience.

The choice between an Audi, Aston Martin or Ferrari will depend on your unique needs, budget and personality.