Read Our Top Tips for Getting the best Car Hire Deals

Did someone say vacations and road trips? Travelling is finally back on cards and all those ravishing beaches, national parks and mountains are calling your name. Whether you are flying to Europe for a fun-filled holiday or planning a gala road trip, luxury car hire can make your vacation more memorable.

However, renting a car this year will involve a whole new level of fortitude and strategy. Car rental prices are sky-high and it’s not surprising if you break your bank hiring a premium car. Thankfully, you can save money on luxury car hire in London. Here are 9 insider tips to bag the best car hire deals on your next trip.

luxury car hire for Windsor Castle Let’s dive in.

1. Compare Prices

Want to grab the lowest prices? Start early. Your hunt for the best deals should begin at least 2 months before you set off for the vacation. Check out price comparison sites like Kayak, Expedia or Priceline that will give you an idea of how much luxury car rental will cost you.

They are price aggregators, i.e., they scour through all car hire companies and bring the deals in one place. So, you have all prices to compare in one place. This also helps save much of your time.

2. Book Early

This is another good tactic to get the best rates for luxury cars to hire – book as early as possible. Many rental agencies offer lower prices when you book several days before your journey. However, make sure you book at a refundable price.

You might have locked in a great deal by comparing prices but there is still the flexibility of getting even lower rates. How? Two weeks before you travel, check prices across different rental agencies. Do this again one week prior and even the day before. You might find rental agencies offering last-minute specials.

If you get a better deal, simply rebook at this special rate and cancel your refundable booking.

3. Book Round-Way Trips

Be ready to burn a hole in your pocket if you book one-way road trips. This is because you will get ripped off for dropping off the vehicle at a different location from where you have picked it up. Some luxury car hire companies in Europe may charge a hefty fee for picking up a car and dropping it off in another location.

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4. Choose the Right Pickup & Drop Off Location

Having said so, it is also important that you avoid picking up a car from airport locations to save a few bucks. You might find it irresistible to choose an airport as your pickup location because it has some of the finest rental outlets. Plus, it adds to your convenience when you are travelling via air. However, choosing to pick up and dropoff your car at airports can add supplemental fees to your bill which is unaccounted for in your vacation budget.

Many luxury car rental agencies charge an additional fee per day for rentals from prominent airports in a city. But when you book the car from another location, you can avoid these pesky fees.

5. Say NO to Additional Car Rental Insurance

When you book luxury cars for hire, you will find that the total price often includes the cost of car rental insurance. You do not require this if your car insurance plan provides coverage for collision damage on a rental car. Check with your travel insurance, too. There are also many premium credit cards that cover auto insurance for car hires.

If you already have car rental insurance, why pay extra?

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6. Do Not Prepay for Your Car Rental

The golden rule of hiring a car is: avoid prepaying. The car rental industry is highly dynamic. The rates may vary even on the day you get your keys or from one city to another. So, you can always prebook and cancel or change later to get a better price.

On the other hand, some rental agencies let you lock in on a lower rate when you pay in advance while you have the option to cancel anytime later and get a full refund. In such cases, buying at a discounted prepaid rate may be a good idea.

7. Use Loyalty Programs, Discount Promos or Memberships to Grab an Attractive Deal

Many top-of-the-line car rental agencies partner with credit card companies, airlines and hotel chains to offer loyalty programs to members. By getting a membership for such programs, you might snag attractive discounts and special offers on your next car rental booking.

Also, never miss out on using your hotel points or airline miles. Many hotels and airlines partner with car rental companies and you can bag attractive discounts of up to 35%.

8. Avoid Bells & Whistles

These often go unnoticed but add-ons like a GPS, satellite radio, roadside services, toll passes or even your child’s car seat can significantly add up to your car rental bill. Say no to these bells & whistles and consider using Google Maps for navigation or get the car rental added to your toll pass.

Travelling with a kid? Carry your infant car seat or you can be paying heftily for a used car seat.

9. Uncheck Prepay Gas Options

While it might sound hassle-free prepaying for gas, it may not be a good idea if you are trying to save money. Several factors are working together here. Firstly, you are paying for the full tank whether or not you use it entirely. Secondly, the prepay price per gallon is usually higher than what you would pay at a local gas station.

The best way is to avoid prepaying for gas to save quite a few bucks. Additionally, there are chances that the car rental company will try to charge you with a refuelling fee if the gas needle is minutely below full. Therefore, consider refuelling the car within 10 miles of your drop-off location and save the gas receipt as proof.


The above tips & tricks will help you get attractive deals for luxury car hire in London, allowing you to save more and enjoy hassle-free.