Hire Luxury Cars in London For A Week

Are you planning for a one-week stay in London? It is a great choice! This city has many things to offer, especially when it comes to food and culture. London is famous for its heritage buildings and art corners. Enjoy your days with fun and bliss, exploring the cruise, and travelling as the royals do.

There are amazing luxury cars for hire in the city that will never fail your expectations. Build a perfect week for yourself and your loved ones, and make sure to use this list:

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Breakfast Joints That Are Simply Amazing

Your first day in London should start with a great, delicious breakfast. Visit breakfast joints like Hawksmoor, Brother Marcus, The Regency Cafe, The Florentine Cafe, etc. You can try seven different breakfast joints for seven days. When in London, you need to try their Egg Benedict, without which your culinary experience is incomplete.

You can also order the staple breakfast that comes with eggs, toast, baked beans, vegetables, sausage, and salami. Sounds heavy? Not at all. A fulfilling breakfast will keep you energised for a packed schedule.

The Galleries of London

There are stupendously beautiful art galleries in London that have a class of their own. You must visit the London National galley, which is two hundred years old. It is a great tourist spot, along with National Portrait Gallery. The Royal Academy of Arts has been home to many artists, both seasoned and budding.

The Academy hosts multiple exhibitions and proudly stands for around 250 years. It has many displays and is of great inspiration for art lovers. Even those who are not into fine arts will be happy to see the galleries. There are many eating and shopping joints to bring back a memoir.

For the Harry Potter Fans

Choose a luxury car hire service and speed off to the magical land of Harry Potter. The Warner Brothers studio in London is one of the biggest attractions for tourists. After the security check-in, you can explore the place and click picture where permitted. There are numerous gift shops from where you can gather collectables for friends and family.

It is a great place for children and fans of Potter films. You can see the shooting locations and avail the toilet facilities for an emergency. There are food shops for a quick bite, and there is a luggage room if you are travelling with bags.

The best part is that if you want to choose to ride the famous Potter broomstick or use the wand, you can. These are separately chargeable, and do make sure of the opening hours before driving there.

The Thames River and Mini Venice

The true beauty of London is its gorgeous Thames River. It is an important commercial site and also adds life and colour to the city. You must keep a day for visiting the waterways of London. Savour a relaxing cruise on the river, and you can avail yourself of food and teas on the cruise itself. The lazy flowing ride across the banks and under the London Bridge will be memorable forever.

The Mini Venice in London is another attractive tourist spot. You can park your car near the location and enjoy a wonderful walk to the waterways. Do remember to take a ride on little boats, stop for bubble tea at the shops on the banks. There is a walkway attached to the site that will take you up to the London zoo.

There are great luxury cars for hire that will aid your journey across the city. Most of the places are well connected and easy to reach if you are driving.

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The Oxford Street

It is London’s busiest street and is a must-visit for everyone. It records five hundred thousand footfalls daily and has around three fifty shops. If you are a fan of shopping, this is the place for you. You will come across some of the best brands and old bookstores. You can shop for your loved ones before leaving London.

The Asian Corner

Your visit is incomplete without a sumptuous lunch or dinner in Asian Food Street. It is a mini China in the heart of London. It is a great place for street photography because of the famous archways and hanging lanterns. The food is authentic Asian delicacies, from soups to fried wontons and roasted ducks.

It offers a great change of taste for the London style of cooking. The spices in the food stir up your taste buds, and the quantity is ample. It is good for family dining and also a great place to visit with friends.

Madame Tussaud

It is a famous wax museum in the city which every traveller has heard of. Look up luxury car hire London and travel like the royal themselves. Why do you ask? Well, because you are all set to meet the Queen. The museum has wax replica statues of all the famous personalities in the world.

You are starting from the Royal family to the great actors, actresses, and brand members of the world. Find your famous star and click a picture with them. Many stars have come to visit this famous spot and clicked selfies with themselves.

The London Eye

The giant ferry wheel in London, commonly known as the London Eye, is the perfect getaway for couples. It will be best if you visit the place at night and enjoy the vibe of the spot. At night it lights up beautifully and enjoys a private time with your partner or spouse. You can also visit during the mornings.

While you are there, do remember to stop by the London Aquarium beside this place.

Where Can I Hire Luxury Cars?

Now that you are all set to tour the beautiful city, you may be wondering where to get a luxury car. You can look up The Dream Collection who offer cars that will amaze you. They have supercars, sports cars, convertibles, SUVs, and MPVs.

With so many options around you, you will be spoilt for choice. You will get some of the best brands that you may dream of owning someday. Well, before you buy one, take a ride and enjoy a luxury car hire service.