Bentley – The Luxurious Car That Is Perfect For Long Or Short Hires

Bentley is acclaimed as the “dark horse” of the luxury auto market, combining the best of both worlds – luxury and performance. Once a great success in motorsport, Bentley is still celebrated as one of the most glamorous and expensive luxury cars in the world. This premium car is designed to be exceptionally comfortable but without compromising driving enjoyment.

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The secret ingredient of their success is to create amazingly luxurious cars that also deliver sporty characteristics and great performance. If you are an auto fanatic, driving a Bentley would certainly be on your bucket list. Bentley car hire brings you the fantastic opportunity to fulfil your dream and experience the thrill of driving this prestigious car.

One of the best ways to enjoy driving a Bentley is on a short trip with your family and friends. There are countless beautiful places to visit in and around England. And exploring them on a luxurious Bentley car ensures the most memorable weekend getaway. A Bentley rental enables you to enjoy everything that this high-end luxury brand has to offer.

Top-Notch Features to Impress

You can hire one of these luxurious cars for as little as £500 a day, giving you the delight of an elegant and refined driving experience without compromising performance. Depending on your group size, pick Bentleys with passenger capacity from 2-5 and escape on an exciting journey with your loved ones. Powerful engine, high-speed performance, safety features and impeccable style – you cannot go wrong with Bentley hire for your short trips.

Spacious luggage compartments, handcrafted details with plush leather seats, unrivalled powertrains, acceleration, agility, great control and stability – all these features make Bentley one of the most preferred luxury car rental options for short trips, weekend outings and family vacations.

Build a Strong Impression On the Roads

As you escape on your trip driving a Bentley, it is sure to make heads turn in awe. Its immaculate style, supreme power and unmatched comfort deliver a great value for your money. But most importantly, it creates an image wherever you travel. Whether you are planning to visit one of the UK’s most famous tourist attractions, Stonehenge, explore the Scottish city of Edinburgh or indulge in the Roman Baths – Bentley car rental will catch everyone’s attention as you drive past in absolute style.

This exotic car can also help make a lasting impression on a business trip. Renting a Bentley makes it stress-free to commute around the country without taking the hassle of public transportation. Furthermore, it helps create a strong brand image making a grand entry to important business meetings and corporate events in a Bentley.

Get The Right Bentley Car For Your Specific Needs

When you rent a car for your short trip, you’d expect a hassle-free, safe and comfortable driving experience. So, make sure you choose the right Bentley car that matches your needs and expectations. If you are travelling alone or with your beloved, the Bentley GT 4.0 is a perfect choice. And if you want to experience driving a ravishing convertible, you cannot miss hiring a Bentley GTC Cab.

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The Bentley Flying Spur with 4 passenger-seating capacity and indomitable 6.0L W12 engine is a quintessential executive sedan you can rent on your vacation. Featuring a contemporary design, superior craftsmanship and improved driving capabilities, it offers the finest passenger experience. It is a car where refinement and exhilaration meet, making it the ultimate driver’s car.

And if you are travelling with your family or a group of friends, the Bentley Bentayga is the right choice for you. It accommodates up to 5 passengers and has ultra-spacious luggage compartments, a 4.0L V8 engine, auto transmission and excellent speed. So, whatever is your travel needs and group size, you have just the right Bentley to hire.

Inclusive Mileage Packages with Bentley Rental

With Bentley car hire, there is a limit to how many miles you can travel a day. Keeping the car’s mileage within this limit can help you save money because most rental companies will charge you a fee for every mile you cross. However, if you think your itinerary demands more mileage, talk to the car rental company and get a mileage package that meets your travel needs.

Some rental providers also offer an all-inclusive Bentley hire package that also has added miles included. But to ensure you do not cross the set mileage, chalk out your trip in a way that enables you to stay the limit for miles travelled each day.

Peace of Mind Assured with Insurance and Breakdown Coverage

When you are on a short trip with your family or a business tour, you’d want complete peace of mind. This is especially true when you are self-driving a premium car like Bentley. To ensure your safety and a stress-free experience, most rental providers offer fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover as standard service. So, even in unprecedented situations, you can be assured that you are covered for most types of damages.

For a rewarding Bentley car rental experience, choose a rental provider that specialises in bringing some of the best luxury cars in the world. Supercar hire in London at the best prices will make your tour most memorable and enjoyable.