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The Bentley GT 4.0, V8

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Bentley gt 4.0






90 lt


4.0L, V8

0-60 MPH

Bentley Continental GT Coupe

Beautifully Designed · Technically Advanced · Phenomenally Powerful

The Bentley GT Coupe has been a collection favourite ever since we bought our first in 2003.  The car really is the quintessential Grand Tourer, allowing for effortless motoring both around town and for crossing entire continents. Bentley has constantly honed and improved the GT retaining its revered position as one of the greatest cars ever produced.

The Bentley GT sits comfortably at the top of most people's wish list, from the outside its lines are exquisite, effortlessly relaying speed and purpose whilst the interior is a masterpiece created by Bentley's master craftsmen and women whose attention to detail is still the envy of the automotive industry, expertly using the highest quality materials, handcrafted soft embroidered leathers, attractive walnut veneers, handmade bright aluminum fascia inserts and chromed control dials all together form a rich and luxurious cabin ambience that few car makers can pull off.

The GT's phenomenal and effortless power comes from its amazing four litre, V8 engine and although the car, on an unrestricted road, could rapidly whisk you to over 190 mph it is also extremely docile becoming a very easy to use everyday town car. With power going to all four wheels the Bentley GT makes accurate and safe driving in all weather conditions and on all roads.

The crafted leather and electric seats for four and large boot makes this car ideal for so many adventures and has always been, and will continue to be a Dream Collection customer favourite.

With an average purchase price being around £180,000 by renting this fabulous car you can enjoy the luxury and performance at a fraction of the price. Prestige Collection makes it possible for you to enjoy this stunning car that in every way lives up to Bentley's reputation for crafting supreme Grand Tourer's.



Bentley Gt Side View

Features and Specifications

The ultra-smooth 8 speed automatic gearbox along with the sophisticated suspension makes for a very smooth ride, combined with the front heated message seats makes any journey stress free.

  • Engine: 4.0L, V8 engine
  • Power: 542 bhp
  • Torque: 770Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 198mph
  • Acceleration:  0- 60 mph, 3.9 sec
  • Fuel: Premium Unleaded

Facts about Bentley Motors

The Bentley GT holds the World Ice Speed Record, driven by Finland's four times World Champion Rally driver Juha Kankkumen and setting a speed of 205.48 mph, on ice!!

The Wall Street Crash in 1929 dramatically killed sales and Bentley were forced into bankruptcy prior to being bought by rival manufacturer Rolls Royce.

The Bentley Winged "B" has three background colours Red, Green and Black each denotes a type of car. The Green is found on race- car types, Red for sophisticated models and Black for more powerful versions.