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The Audi Q8 - Black Edition

Take Me For A SPin

Audi Q8 Side View
Audi Q8 Left Side View
Audi Q8 Back View
Audi Q8 Back View
Audi Q8 Side View









0-60 MPH

Audi Q8 Black Edition


Latest Model - Sporty & Elegant - Designed For Versatility

Experience the elegance, comfort and sporty appeal of the Audi Q8 Black Edition, the latest model in the Q family. The Q8 is definitely that member of the family that’s trying to outdo the rest with its future-forward design and impressive performance. If you love a good SUV, you will adore this model even more since it has the ideal combination of spaciousness and the vibrant feel of a sporty coupe. The interior is wide and roomy for maximum relaxation, adds to this refreshing atmosphere. Fully equipped with MMI navigation and park assist technology, there is hardly a reason not to place the Q8 as a family favourite.

This Q8 Black Edition boasts a chiselled athletic prowess that we haven’t yet seen in previous models. Audi has outdone itself here with a powerful all-wheel drive. Built as a classic 5-door with automatic transmission for leisurely driving, you can comfortably seat 5 people in this sleek SUV. The electrically operated boot can take three suitcases, and the rear seat can be easily folded down to create more space if needed.

The Audi Q8 Black Edition is perfect to rent while on holiday with more than enough boot space, and its electromechanical steering also gives it the ultimate luxurious feeling you want while exploring winding roads or sightseeing with the family.

Own the road and drive with confidence with the Q8’s 21-inch alloy wheels that guarantee a sturdy, robust yet smooth journey. For something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, venture out in this superior luxury hallmark model from Audi and expect to turn heads.

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Features and Specifications

The Audi Q8 Black Edition is an all-encompassing pleasurable driving experience that’s fit for the future and available right now.

  • Engine: 3.0L
  • Power: 340 bhp
  • Maximum Speed: 155 mph
  • 0 – 60 mph: 5.9 sec
  • Fuel: Petrol

Car features include:

  • Progressive design

  • Ergonomically styled

  • Precision manufacturing

  • Sporty on the outside; comfort on the inside

  • Leisure for business or family driving

  • Effortless manoeuvrin